We offer 3 options for residence by Italy

Advantages of living and residency in Italy

Visa-free travel throughout Europe and facility of obtaining visas to all the countries of the world

No default payments and investments

Possibility of obtaining a residence permit for the whole family, including adult children and parents

Possibility to live in Italy or in any other country from Schengen area for 365 days per year

No obligation to permanently reside in the country

Possibility of obtaining a limited flat tax regime

European education, climate and high quality of life

Possibility of obtaining the citizenship after certain period


How to get a residence permit in Italy

Applicant Requirements

Important information to know about residence permit in Italy

Applicant Requirements

What do you need to consider when obtaining a residence permit ELECTIVE RESIDENCE

Applicant Requirements

What to consider when receiving NEW TAX RESIDENT

Steps to obtain a residence permit in Italy

Obtaining of a national visa "D" type (for non-European residents)

Our company will help you to prepare accurately and correctly the package of documents in order to obtain a “D” visa for submission to the consulate of your country.

Applying for a residence permit in Italy

After arriving in Italy, you must fill out an application and apply for a residence permit. We prepare a package of documents and personally accompany you when submitting the documents and for the process of biometric information collection.

Getting the residence permit card

After completing the application, you must personally come to the police in Italy and receive the residence card. Usually, the card is issued within 30 days.

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