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The markets of Russia and The Middle East have great potential for investment and employment. However, you must be familiar with the legal aspects of doing business, living or working there. Foreign nationals moving to Russia or the UAE must also check all visa requirements and the procedures for resettlement before moving.

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Investing in real estate is one of the most attractive ways of investing, but it requires a qualitative assessment and study of a specific market segment, a careful approach, as well as knowledge of the intricacies of the market and legal nuances.

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Our law firms in Russia and the UAE provide legal assistance and advice to all clients, regardless of their problems or questions. To satisfy all requests and expectations we have formed a team of lawyers, accountants, financial and managerial experts that will assist you in all areas - family, business, law and finance.


Our team, has deep knowledge in most areas of law, and is composed of professionals in the fields of corporate services, tax consulting, business consulting, accommodation and real estate, etc. We have been working with international partners for a long time to expand our portfolio and to offer high-quality services to our customers.

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We help our clients to solve issues of any complexity, while guaranteeing a professional approach and full immersion in the tasks, we work only in client's best interest.

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