What are unsolvable or complex problems?

For each of us they are different. Moreover, the complexity of the problem depends on where it happens - in a country that you know, in a new one or in one that you barely know.

For some it is difficult just to understand administrative formalities and difficulties , while others have a deadlocked situation that is fraught with health problems or criminal proceedings.

Often we find ourselves in a situation in which there is simply no time to try to figure it out ourselves, to find an experimental solution to the problem, or to select various truly qualified specialists who will help to get out of a difficult situation and find a quick solution to a difficult situation or problem. All of this is compounded if this situation or problem arises in a foreign country.

Once in a difficult situation, everyone wants to find a “wizard” who will quickly explain in which order to act, give contacts of impeccable and highly qualified specialists, proven, reliable and honest, “to take him by the hand” and help him quickly overcome all the problems.

It is said that there are only about 300 of such people in the world ... An alternative to one specific troubleshooter -wizard is a team of the strongest specialists with skills, knowledge and connections in various fields, having a “contact list” of the best specialists verified in many years of cooperation in Monaco, France and other countries.


Our Troubleshooting Department will help you analyze and find a solution to any problem


We are pleased to announce that we have become representatives of the specialized company for mediation and business rehab systems in Monaco and France


We can act as intermediaries or a connection in family conflicts and commercial disputes when communication problems or disagreements arise.

This is an independent intervention and assistance, which implies the involvement of an impartial third party in the negotiations and discussions format with the aim of reaching consensus, solving problems or building relationships. Mediation saves resources, time, maintains confidentiality, allows you to break the deadlock and restore the communication process.

The specialists we work with have extensive experience in dispute resolution, including accredited CEDR (Center for Effective Dispute Resolution).

We work in the field of:

• family mediation
• commercial / business mediation
• therapeutic mediation
• corporate conflicts and crisis
• legal support in case of incidents
• difficult crisis situations with elements of social stress

Other services of ours might be of your interest


We help our clients to solve issues in different areas, but we always guarantee a professional approach, and a full immersion in the presented tasks. We always work in the client's best interest.

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