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«Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend »

according to the famous Hollywood slogan ... but should only ladies be the  owners of rare and expensive gemstones? Over the past hundred years, a   steady increase in the price of cut diamonds convinces even  the inveterate skeptics of the effective use of this tool to save investments, as a result many investors consider diamonds and other gemstones (rubies, emeralds and sapphires) with high quality characteristics, to be a serious investment.

The main advantage of gemstones over securities or real estate investments remains the possibility of their use. In other words, stones can be worn. It is the mobility of this type of investment that convinces many investors. Gemstones are easy to transport, their value is so high that sometimes a small stone can have the cost of several kilograms of gold or an average property.

Our gemologist expert will answer the following questions:

Benefits of Investing in Gemstones

Do not require the payment of taxes, special storage conditions

Compact and portable

Inheritance, the possibility of creating an heirloom

The aesthetic pleasure of collecting and the opportunity to use it personally

The possibility of creating an exclusive collection of jewelry

Lack of speculative market players

Extremely low risk

Preservation of savings: price increases over the previous 100 years and reasonable price increases in the future

Find out how much money you need to start investing?

The analytical report of investment companies regarding price increasement since 1990

Investment services Waterstone Consulting in gemstones and jewelry

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