Assistance in the residency obtaining process

The company provides a full range of consulting services related to obtaining  a resident status and a residence permit in Monaco, France and Italy: assistance in obtaining a residence permit for wealthy citizens and seniors, residency by investment and business. We will study carefully your situation and we will guide you step by step

through the entire procedure of obtaining a residence permit – from the  prepation and the correct submission of  application until the moment the resident card is received, and we will also provide the necessary conditions for the successful consideration of your application. Our experts will help with the selection of  the properties to buy or long-term rental. The whole process will be led by qualified lawyers.

Programs and countries we work with

Why Waterstone Consulting

We guarantee


We are fully responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. We are responsible to our client for the final outcome. You will not need to control every phase of the process.


We guarantee the confidentiality of your personal data, as well as investment sources . We always stand by your side.

Other services of ours that might be of interest


We help our clients to solve issues in different areas, but we always guarantee a professional approach, a total immersion in the presented tasks. We always work in our client's best interest.

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