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We offer support to the entrepreneurs,
investors and owners of property in France, in order to obtain the following kind of visa

Benefits of living in France

High standard of living and safety

Independent legal system

Developed social security system

Free travel in the EU and visa facilitation for traveling around the world

Interesting and varied cultural life

Free high-quality education

Stable economy and strong banking system

One of the best healthcare systems


How to obtain a residence permit in France

Applicant's requirements

Proof of financial funds and means to cover the living costs

Proof of accommodation in France for permanent residence (rental or ownership)

Proof of good reputation and trustworthiness

Applicant's requirements

Owning a business in France that generates an annual income of at least the minimum wage or the existence of an innovative business project for a start-up


Making direct investments of at least 300 000 euros in tangible or intangible assets

No criminal record or bankruptcy in France and other countries

Proof of financial means for starting and running of a business

In the case of regulated activities – evidence of necessary permits or license

What do you need to know when obtaining a residence permit in France

Steps to obtain a residence permit in France

The processing time for "titre de séjour" applications is usually several months

Obtainment of a D VISA at the Consulate of France in the country of residence

Submission of the dossier in order to obtain the appropriate visa in the prefecture according to the place of residence in France

Medical examination

Getting the first residence permit - "titre de séjour"

Our services for obtaining a residence permit in France


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