The benefits of starting a business in France

France is one of the thirty most convenient countries to start a small business, open to foreign entrepreneurs from all over the world. Favourable conditions for foreigners to run businesses in France
About 30,000 new companies are created every year.

The most popular fields are hotel businesses, real estate, catering, trade, construction, informatic technology.


Basic requirements for starting a business in France

A number of regulated activities require special licenses or permits.

Sufficient financial resources in the applicant's account are required

Lack of criminal record and dangerous diseases

Legal address assignment to an enterprise

Purchase or rental of a property as permanent place of residence in France

Forms of companies in France

Before registering a business in France, you must decide the form of the ownership for the company. The level of taxation and legal liability of owners will depend on this. French law offers more than a dozen legal forms. Briefly let's dwell on the most popular.


This type of business in France can only be incorporated by at least two shareholders. A Managing Director (Gérant) must be appointed. The minimum authorized capital is 100 euros. If the company is young (up to 5 years old), it belongs to family members and is classified as small or medium-size business in France, it is possible to make deductions in the form of income tax, instead of corporate income tax.


It is a type of SARL. The difference is that the company belongs to one person, he is the only shareholder. Liability is limited to the amount of investments made, unless other obligations are provided in the documents.


Suitable for large businesses. A a minimum of 7 shareholders is required, at least one of them must be an individual. The initial share capital is 37 000 euros. The company is managed by a board of directors composed of 3 to 18 people. A mandatory requirement is the appointment of an auditor.


Unlike SA, 1-2 shareholders are enough. An auditor is appointed only in the case of hiring more than 20 employees and achieving an annual turnover of more than 1 million euros.

Find out the basic ways to immigrate to France,

as well as what taxes are on business in France and current rates in 2020

Step-by-step procedure for registering a company in France

Choice of a company name and the founders (minimum number - 2 people)

Approval of the nominee manager (French merchant or resident of any EU country)

Collecting and completing the necessary documents, certify them by a notary

Conclusion of a contract at a legal address

Opening a bank account and putting the authorized capital into it.

Including an enterprise in the consolidated register of companies and firms

Assginment of a tax identification number

A notice in the Official Gazette of civil and commercial announcements.

2-3 weeks after the registration, a foreign entrepreneur obtains final permission and can start business activities in France

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