We advise on the most profitable areas of real estate investment

Benefits of Real Estate Investing


From easy-to-execute options: purchases for leasing or investing in a property requiring repair and reselling at a higher price, to more complex, highly profitable schemes: systematic purchase of a large number of apartments and the creation of a competently managed rental business for sale in the future; construction or creation of apart hotels or hostels; redesigning office spaces, creating coworking places, etc.


Land, residential or office space, as opposed to stocks and cryptocurrencies, are assets that inspire confidence in the future. Of course, under adverse circumstances, it can fall in price, but it can be used for living, at any time to lease, resell or even give the bank a deposit to obtain a large loan.


When setting a reasonable price, the property can be sold quickly enough. Experienced investors always take this aspect into account and therefore strategically plan their investment portfolio.


A sudden collapse is practically excluded here. Especially in the case of the right choice of location. Therefore, under unfavourable conditions, the owner will have enough time to get rid of the illiquid assests such as a property with the least loss.

All experts agree that: investments in land, houses, apartments, garages, warehouses and shops are much less risky than investments in start-ups, businesses or exchange operations.

Services of a professional consultant on real estate investment

Creation of a portfolio of profitable real estate

Analytics and selection of the most suitable properties for investment

Individual planning: development of an investment plan in accordance with the tasks and means of the investor

Advice on the forms of ownership and financing in accordance with the individual tasks of the investor

Full support of a real estate transaction

Management and operation on profitable property

Consultations for owners on profitable real estate: preparation of a property for rent, upgrade, legal and organizational aspects, optimization

Planning for future sales: upgrade, increasing market value and attractiveness, valuation, sales strategy, taxes

Why Waterstone Consulting


Our company offers comprehensive consulting services in the field of real estate investment in various countries


We will select the most suitable professional solution for each investor individually, based on his plans, tasks, deadlines and budget


We will help you quickly and reliably determine what type of investment to choose and to develop an individual strategy in order to achieve the maximum investment efficiency


Our team constantly monitors and collects the most up-to-date information regarding the most profitable investment offers and will propose several options that will ensure a stable high income and a minimum of risks

Other of our services might be of your interest


We help our clients to solve issues of any complexity, while guaranteeing a professional approach and full immersion in the tasks, we work only in client's best interest.

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